Living Water has 59 ratings and 5 reviews. Eric said: This is an amazing book about an amazing man. Yes, it’s short and leaves much to be desired regardi. Callum Coats is the foremost expert author on Viktor Schauberger’s life long work with water, forestry, agriculture, energy production and infrastructure as well as. THE WATER WIZARD: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, by VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER, translated and edited by CALLUM COATS. All life depends.

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It could be likened to the experience of a man suddenly hurled upwards in the air by a cyclone, to crash down to earth stark naked.

In addition to methods for regulating and regenerating water, he was fascinated by the production of schaberger forms of energy. The colder the external temperature, the warmer was the water. It is produced whenever pressure, heating and explosion viktor schauberger living water used and is particularly found in weapon design and atom splitting, whether for war or peaceful purposes.

They also act like ball bearings to enhance forward movement. Clearly, such wood should not be used for house construction. If the ground is warmer than the precipitation the moisture is prevented from penetrating the soil. It was only Forcheimer himself who learned to understand Schauberger more and more. Aroundone Stephan Schauberger moved to Austria and settled down by Lake Plockenstein at the viktor schauberger living water of the Dreisesselberg.

I then waited for an increase in the strength of the water current. He carefully studied how people in earlier times viktor schauberger living water treated water. In this 6 viktor schauberger living water video you will be guided through forests, rivers, and the global water cycle, revealing insights into water’s nature viktor schauberger living water how it needs to be handled by us to stay healthy.


Because revitalized water from the Vortex Water Revitalizer is so easily viktor schauberger living water by the body, it feels as if it disappears while drinking. Models of Flying Saucers 95 The large mountain trout could lie motionless for any amount of time in the strongest current They made the odd movement with fin and tail, but otherwise appeared anchored in the rushing flow.

How is this relevant to our present technology? Their association continued until when a contract was drawn up with the Czechoslovak Government for a water chute. In his appreciation the Prince made Schauberger the head warden for the whole of his extensive forest and hunting territories. He had thought his country was governed by men, not old maids, and he tendered his resignation imme- diately. In the next instance the stone was on the surface of the water, around which a circle of ice quickly formed.

The internationally recognized hydrologist, Pro- fessor Forcheimer from Vienna, was to head the Commission. By studying viktor schauberger living water in streams biktor by closely observing the natural water cycle, Viktor Schauberger was able to solve basic problems of energy transformation.

Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy

Schaunerger is clear that the extermination of a type of tree creates a gap in the ecological balance because its destruction viktor schauberger living water lead to the disappearance of another type. This has a two-fold effect: In listing some of his accomplishments one could not do better than to quote from his book, Our Viktor schauberger living water Toil, written in A shows a watercourse to be regulated.


Timber floating in these mountain regions was normally a very rough and ready business. In there was schaubergdr flooding in the Rhinelands. Schauberger had a clear vision of how fertility could be restored to the earth.

Full text of “Living Water-Viktor Schauberger”

Schauberger had quite early considered how to tackle these problems. The vessel also had to be well insulated with a suitable material to prevent the energy created within from radiating outwards.

Steinhard received a contract from the government for a large installation at Schhauberger. Viktor and Walter Schauberger were then permitted to return to Austria, where Viktor died in Linz some five days later on the 25th Septembera very disillusioned man.

Yet we still have the effrontery to call these awesome viktor schauberger living water “natural disasters”, as if Nature herself were responsible. The dilemma had to be resolved.

Schauberger had already made use of these background ideas at Viktor schauberger living water, but they were nevertheless a long way from his vikotr later logging flumes. Bitterness naturally increased as their attempts to copy Schauberger’s installations proved unsuccessful. It may be hundreds of years before the forests return to the same standard as they were a few decades ago.

Natural phenomena undisturbed by man point the way to the realization of a new technique.