3 quotes from Valentin Tomberg: ‘A person who has had the misfortune to fall victim to the spell of a philosophical system (and the spells of sorcerers are mere . Tomberg describes three stages of meditation, above our ordinary waking . Valentin Tomberg, in Letter II, refers to the “second birth” as Christian Yoga. Hence. Valentin Tomberg was born in in St. Petersburg. His parents were Lutheran. His mother was a Russian and his father, an Estonian of German origin, was.

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In friends in England persuaded him to work as a translator at the BBC; based in Reading, he helped to monitor Valenhin broadcasts. Here is why Tomberg continually affirms both Catholicism and Orthodoxy, even while he continuously critiques Reformation Christianity.

And why do members of secret societies or orders of the Masonic type consider the Sacrament of Flesh and Blood of the Lord insufficient for the work of building the new-man, and why do they seek special rituals to supplement it or even to replace it? vallentin

Valentin Tomberg, the New Age and the Way of the Heart

Meyer and other Anthroposophists. As a respected law professor, von Hippel had sufficient influence to bring tobmerg Tombergs – who since the annexation of Estonia had become avlentin persons – into Germany, where from the University of Cologne he received a Ph.

Perhaps this is the big bang? It is reserved to the choice of heaven alone. Yes, there is a very marked anti-religious and anti-Christian aspect which is commonly denied and I think that what you say about Counter — initiation points in the direction of largely hidden and unconscious processes which are vaalentin chilling.

On the path to the Unitive Way, two conversions are necessary based on the purgation of the senses and the purgation of the spirit.

And that legal system is clearly one, like we noted above, whereby the state serves the Church. Unlike the fundamentalists who try to prove the historical and scientific veracity of the story as an objective event, Tomberg instead turns inward.


Valentin Tomberg Bibliography

This, he will write: New Agers in particular tend to lap this up. No, the post of the Emperor does not belong any longer either to those who desire it or to the choice of the people. Nonetheless while as an Anglican convert to Catholicism, I have pondered Anglican liturgy over years, I am quite ignorant of the charismatic movement, of which Tombery can imagine you may know much more than me.

Still even if this last were sadly true, you would still have my sincere warmth and respect …. Tomberg’s ” inner experience ” illustrates the expansion of the field of tarot to embrace literature and the arts; in this context von Balthasar cites The Greater Trumps by Charles Williamsa friend of T. I cannot condemn this spiralling, for it too is part of the journey. That is why Tomberg concludes:.

And it pains me deeply that the Reformation tried to eliminate this miracle of Absolution and bury it in lies. I will not respond to every point, but have studied your comment gratefully and read it several times. Creation is effected by a divine contraction and by voluntary divine powerlessness, which is akin to crucifixion. I was born and raised Catholic, at age 13 I experienced a Crisis on my faith that led me away of the Church and into Gnosticism and Ceremonial Magic.

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This is to say philosophical materialism denying Christ and commercial materialism denying spiritual and religious development. Hence, we begin the process of purification by learning to concentrate. The temptation multiplies because, as Tomberg points out, those who fall into temptation try to draw others into the same experience as a way of confirming their own decision.

In re-reading this now X, I am reminded of what you yourself appear to champion. At first, I happily disregarded or ignored Tomberg on this point as so many Anthroposophically-minded folk do. This may lead to the perception of spiritual phenomena, as described by several saints and venerables. But still I emphasise: Spiritual gifts, insights, and legends are not indicative of being one of the few who are called, AND, chosen.


Yet he also says: Notify me of new posts by email. Since I converted to the Catholic Church, I see the truth of that claim. Another me, in the sea of genetic blueprint that makes up this thing called life.

It is also what my two upcoming books are about — books which owe everything to Valentin Tomberg.

In order to be valenin religious scientist or a scientific believer honestly, i. Meanwhile, I came to see that England had its own parallels to these French thinkers.

This is because Tomberg never stopped seeing grave danger to civilisation, right till the end — and his life story is all about how to respond to that grave danger. Let us work not in order to overthrow but in order to build. But to worry about these things is futile. What has emerged in response to you is quite lengthy, but hopefully it will help if I break it down into sections — and so I commence with such.

It would seem hard to imagine a stronger renunciation of his Anthroposophical past than all of this.

Valentin Tomberg (Author of Christ and Sophia)

Dear Edwin, After writing the comment to you above, I went to Mass. He made himself Emperor and he made his brothers kings.

The de-Christianised tombdrg even anti-Christian New Age movement is the latest fruit of that trajectory. The fall occurred before we were born, it is our inheritance, and part of our mythology.

He contemplates it in its essence. But it was to the sword that he took recourse.