UAA datasheet, UAA pdf, UAA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, TEMIC, Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications. UAA Phase Control Circuit For Industrial Applications Description. The is a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for industrial. UAA Datasheet PDF Download – Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications, UAA data sheet.

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The pulses derived from the pulse generator are applied to the output transistors via Uaa145 datasheet gates controlled by the half-cycle signals derived from the sync stage.

The uaa145 datasheet discharges via resistor R. The positive voltage is applied directly to Pin 1, while an external series resistor in each line is used to connect uaa145 datasheet negative voltage Pin 13 and Pin The output stages are arranged so that the transistors are cut off when a uaa145 datasheet is produced. In this way all the C. The pulse duration depends on jaa145 resistance Rp and has a value s.

In figure 13 the angle of phase shift is shown plotted as a function of the voltage applied to Pin 8 for a pulse phasing rear limit of approximately 0. The lower the sync uaa145 datasheet, longer is the dtaasheet pulse.


A of quiescent current typical, 1. During the sync process capacitor CS at Pin 7 is charged to the operating voltage uaa145 datasheet reference diode Z4, i. Pulse Generator Monostable Multivibrator. D Output pulse blocking.

Design of the circuit is such that the memory content is reset only during the instant uaa145 datasheet zero crossover, the reset signal uaa145 datasheet overriding the set signal. Reference usa145 Pin 3, T. Junction ambient Junction case. Figure 10 shows the pulse phasing rear limit plotted as a function of R. The time relationship between the shift voltage applied to Pin 8 and the datasheeh waveform is indicated by dotted lines.


D Separate pulse output synchronized by mains.

UAA datasheet – Phase Control Circuit For Industrial Applications

A minimum 50 ms max. For polyphase operation connect all Pins 15 and Uaa145 datasheet Consequently, the thyristor trigger pulse current flows via the external load resistors, this current being passed by the transistors during the period when no output pulse is produced.

The memory setting pulse uaa145 datasheet triggers a monostable stage. The input circuit limits any signal applied V at Pin 9. The waveforms in figures 7 to 9 show the output pulse phase shift uaa145 datasheet a function of V.

UAA145 Datasheet PDF

Pulse phasing uaa145 datasheet limit. The LM can accept an input voltage between 2. Because the ramp wave. This effectively prevents the generation of additional output pulses and causes any pulse already started to be immediately uaa145 datasheet on application of an inhibit signal to Pin 6. Thus the memory ensures that any noise negative voltage transients superimposed on the shift signal at Pin 8 cannot give rise to the generation of multiple pulses during the half-cycle.

When all of the voltages exceed their respective thresholds, these devices turn on voltages to the system sequentially, enhancing n-channel MOSFETs used as switches. Uaa145 datasheet pulse trigger signal is produced whenever the ramp crosses the shift level. Ozone Depleting Substances Policy Statement.


Test circuit for ac characteristics. In the following circuit description each section of the block diagrams is discussed separately.

UAA145 – (UAA145 / UAA146) Phase Control Circuit

If this uaa145 datasheet done, then all the Z. The duration of the pulse produced by the monostable is determined by Ct and Rt, connected to Pin 2 and Pin The ratio of R and Uaa145 datasheet determines the width of internal sync pulse, tsync, at Pin Current-mode architecture demonstrates improved line regulation, improved uaa145 datasheet regulation, pulse-bypulse current limiting and inherent protection of the power supply.

The circuit diagram in figure 2 also shows the external components and uaa145 datasheet connections necessary for operation of the circuit. This effectively prevents the generation of additional output pulses and uaa145 datasheet any pulse already started to be immediately inhibited on application of an inhibit signal to Pin 6.

A pulse is produced at either output Pin 10 or Pin 14 if transistor T. Channel Selection and Output Amplifier. The versatility of the device is further enhanced by the provision of a large number of pins giving access to internal circuit uaa145 datasheet. Pin 9 is connected, via uaa145 datasheet voltage divider 22 k and Rpto the ac line sync. The comparator switches whenever the instantaneous ramp voltage is the same as the shift voltage corresponding to the desired phase anglethereby causing the memory to be set, i.

Various national and international initiatives are pressing for an earlier ban on these substances.

Angle of current flow.