83 quotes from Shiv Khera: ‘winners see the gain; losers see the pain.’, ‘Winners dont do different things,they do things differently’, and ‘Under Adverse. u can win by shiv. Sat, 20 Oct GMT u can win by shiv pdf. – †œYou Can Win― By. Shiv Khera 3 CHAPTER 1. IMPORTANCE. OF. ATTITUDE . 2 May ABOUT THE BOOK: Blog Title: You Can Win Summary By Shiv Khera Name: You Can Win: A step by step tool for top achievers. Author: Shiv.

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Of all the creatures kera the world, humans are physically the most ill-equipped. For this new owner replies no but why you asking this, for this kyera wise man says that I can see the diamond which I have asked him to search, for this new owner says no its not a diamond but a normal shining stoneand my entire farm which I have bought from earlier farmer is filled with such shining stone, when that farmer took that wise man to his farm, he told him that wim are diamonds not stone, after analyzing that farm properly they came to know that farm was covered with wcres shig acres of diamonds.

To understand each chapter of this book in detail do buy it from the given links: The first thing the boy did was to take a deep breath of air. Founded an organization called country first foundation, and started Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samanta party.


But a healthy personality with high self-esteem is one that not only has its need to take but also to give. Shiv Khera Book Summary. Once the usefulness goes, the friendship also goes.

You can Win- Shiv Khera

We need to compete for knowledge and wisdom, not for grades. Olawale Coca Cola A construction manual with the blueprints to build a rewarding life. This book focuses on achieving success through personal growth and a positive attitude. The boy struggled to get out but Socrates kept him there.

He launched a movement against caste-based reservation India. Similarly we can mould our lives into any shape we want. Awsome product and very motivational. But nature is reasonable and kind.

Shiv Khera Quotes (Author of You Can Win)

Informal relationships, many a time, get converted into formal alliances also, helping joint-marketing and co-branding. Don was born into a family of healers and raised in rural Mexico by a curandera healer mother and the Read more…. This man was Abraham Lincoln.

If you are thinking of buying this book, don’t let your mind think of not buying it, just go for it. It guarantees, as the title suggests, a lifetime of success. He is an educator, business consultant and successful entrepreneur and a much sought-after speaker.


Results are Rewarded, Efforts Aren’t. Return to Book Page. It only means that a person is solution-focused. Would you like to vy us about a lower kuera

As human beings, we all have the need to receive and take. Get to Know Us. A lifetime goal is called a purpose. Master Your Focus and Avoid Distractions.

Author says the reason for this is very simple, the people who become successful is because they simply think and act of that thinking fan, author says that one day when he asked a question to two executives that if they would have magic wand what will they ask from that wand, will they ask for profit or huge success or for what, after listening to an answer of those executives he was really very impressed, answer was that people should have better attitude, they will ask for better attitude because better and best attitude can make person a good and successful person.

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