Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he. The art of thinking. by Dimnet, Ernest, Publication date Topics Thought and thinking. Publisher New York, Simon and Schuster. Collection.

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The Art of Thinking

Probably their interest in the almost indecipherable memoranda left by the philosopher lay in the hope that these scraps of paper might revive the impression of his originality. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It is difficult to think of the art of thinking ernest dimnet without thinkjng great men or some great period, and I doubt if we can mention science without remembering famous experiments. We love to see the thinker in action, for his personality, joined to the unexpectedness of his performances, acts upon us even more than the illumination he provides.

But nobody objects if it is understood to denote the illumination accompanying the contact thee our mind with what we call realities. Produce certain favorable conditions and you produce the Art of Thinking.

Notes from “The Art of Thinking,” , by Ernest Dimnet

Lists with This Book. Kevin Key rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Refresh and try again.

The list off such influences hindering a gifted man’s thinking could be endless. Why should I not do it? For children do not care for trivial details till they have been spoiled by imitation.

He seems thinkkng be head and shoulders above the crowd, or to be walking on the ridge-way while others trudge at the bottom. Soon the trouble is found.


The Art of Thinking by Ernest Dimnet – Philosophy Now Forum

While they do so, the thinker calmly looks round, giving full play ths his mental freedom. For, in the art of thinking ernest dimnet heart, he knows that he says a great deal for which he would be unable to give chapter and verse. We all know them.

It is really wonderful. If it the art of thinking ernest dimnet a little fight in its desire to become a resolve, the hostile phantasms come back seven times more numerous and charge again till they firmly implant the inferiority complex: One of my favorite books of all time. The fact is that wealth is injurious to art, but artists cannot live without a certain amount of success. Readers of Thin,ing do not doubt that Johnson was an extraordinary conversationalist, but how few students of English literature have a clear notion that a decade or two of the eighteenth century would never have been called the Age of Johnson had it been only for the Dictionary, Rasselas or the Lives of the Poets?

Even writing can be the same thing. Facts are only the material for thought.

Chardenal does not look attractive at all. Apart from the stupid listeners who regard a brilliant conversationalist much as a miserly old French farmer regards a generous American, that is to say, as a freak, people feel a kinship between themselves and the more gifted specimens of mankind.

The art of thinking

The contempt of the eagle for crawling creatures will fall upon them. As a rule, we can tell which of two men is the more energetic thinker as we can tell in a natatorium who is the swiftest swimmer. Throughout the course of the book, Dimnet not only convinces the readers of their ability to learn how to think better, but also helps them with the process. This accounts for the fact that, when offered a penny for our thoughts, we generally look, sot only puzzled, but embarrassed, and anxious to be let alone not only by the questioner but by the thlnking as well.


He may agree with the consensus known as public opinion, but it will not be because it is universal opinion. Frequently he asks no questions at all, and his attitude is the “Tell us” which Lf de Maintenon used to hold up to contempt to the Saint-Cyr girls and which some American college professors have told me is likely to be retranslated in American college English into the blunt: We the art of thinking ernest dimnet be conscious of one reel unrolling itself—with many crazy interruptions—in our the art of thinking ernest dimnet cinema, and not be quite conscious of another fixed image, visible, but not easily visible, through the film.

Nothing is as exciting as the hunt after thoughts or facts intended to elucidate a question we think vital to usand the enjoyment of writing when the hunt has been successful is an unparalleled reward for intellectual honesty. The American will always remain ill-equipped, the art of thinking ernest dimnet of intellectual gaps, uncertain between confidence and timidity and showing it; the Frenchman, if he is not saved by his religion, by patriotism or by some other uplift, will be largely ermest.

But they admit that, while their bodies were inactive, their minds were busy: Quite possibly, relief from an unpleasant picture was sought in a pleasanter one.