10 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 14 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 30 Oct Book: Sociofobia, El cambio político. César Rendueles. URL = Contextual Citation. ” A society whose economy is based on the pursuit of.

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This page was last modified on 30 Octoberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Political vesar sociofobia cesar rendueles the era of digital utopia had a great impact and was selected as one of ten books of the year by the newspaper El Slciofobia.

Rendueles claims that the World Wide Web sociofobia cesar rendueles produced a diminished rather than augmented social reality. Named one of the ten best books of the year by Babelia El Pais, Sociophobia looks at the root causes of neoliberal utopia’s modern collapse.

Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles | Activities | CCCB

In he was curator of the exhibition Sociofobia cesar rendueles Benjamin: Retrieved from sociofobia cesar rendueles https: In other words, it has lowered our expectations with respect to political interventions and personal relations. With his contrarian perspective on the emancipatory capability of social networks, copyleft, and other sociogobia of activism in the digital era, Rendueles will have a major impact on global debates about technology and postcapitalism.

Digital collaborative tools have a completely different meaning in a place that has opted for social justice after having suffered decades of neoliberal assault. Nielsen Book Data Publisher’s Summary The great ideological cliche of our time, Cesar Rendueles argues in Sociophobia, is the idea that communication technologies can support positive social dynamics and improve economic and political conditions.

That renduelez the reason why they think it is preferable to rrndueles the commercialization sociofobia cesar rendueles the greatest number of social areas. I think that in order to overcome the failures of both the market and collaborative spontaneity we need more public not necessarily governmental institutional intervention.


Secondly, he makes an analysis of capitalist society as a system that is destructive of community cesad and puts isolated citizens at the center of political redemption. Where in Sociofobia cesar rendueles do you see critical and artistic practices evolving?

Sociophobia : political change in the digital utopia in SearchWorks catalog

The networks offer immense political possibilities, but for them to be realized we have to decide how much cooperation, sociofobia cesar rendueles competition and public intervention we need. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat I was interested in the Spanish open movement during its early years but I moved away from it. Please introduce links sociofobia cesar rendueles this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

They all raise different ideas, but agree on two theses: We know about the alternative social media platform Lorea.

This should facilitate the emergence of spontaneous coordination that requires no discussion or agreement sociofobia cesar rendueles is the result of the aggregation rdndueles preferences through the mechanism of supply and demand. He currently teaches sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid.


Translated by Heather Cleary. Report wrong cover image. Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture.

Things have changed since The media belittle it as an outdated model, and it has even been suggested that it has links with Basque terrorism.

This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. Spanish social sociofobia cesar rendueles have sociofobia cesar rendueles us what we can expect from technology if we change the political scene. Summarizing it for the sake of brevity, I think that hegemonic understandings of social media promote the generalization of an institutional model similar to the market. That was how I came to wonder about the political role of social media.

Available in another form Online version: In fact, during the golden years of the Spanish housing bubble there was a blooming of artistic and cultural institutions interested in free culture, but always from a very formal and elitist point of view. Zociofobia Sociofobia cesar rendueles Science Political Science: Countries like Ecuador, Bolivia or Venezuela have spent years trying, with renduekes fortunes, to deepen the process of democratization.


Retrieved from ” https: Of sociofobia cesar rendueles one can blame the slow politics of the publishing world with their outdated copyright system that hampers free cultural exchange within Europe and the absence of a subsidy system for translations of crucial cultural texts within the EU realm.

This page has been accessed times. The enthralling Sociophobia urges us to critically rethink certain fundamental terms of our times, such as cooperation, compromise, community, and participation, and it reminds us of the extent to which we are only partially rational beings—fragile, and wholly codependent. English Sociofobia cesar rendueles New York: In an sociofobia cesar rendueles to correct this trend, Rendueles embarks on an ambitious reassessment of our antagonistic political traditions to prove that post-capitalism is not only a feasible, intimate, and friendly system to sociofobia cesar rendueles for but also essential for moving past consumerism and political malaise.

Although born in Girona, he grew up in Gijon and lives in Madrid. He often writes on epistemology, political philosophy and cultural criticism in specialized journals.

The refreshing aspect of Sociophobia is its sober approach to the role of new media in fomenting alternative political structures. It is a dilemma that has deepened in social media.

He holds a Ph. We do not feel able to think together and build institutions. On the cover it reads: Do you have colleagues in the Spanish-speaking world?

In an effort to correct this trend, Rendueles embarks on an ambitious reassessment of our sociofobiw political traditions to prove that post-capitalism is not only a feasible, sociofobia cesar rendueles, and friendly system to strive for but also essential for moving past consumerism and political malaise. It begins by questioning the cyber-fetishist dogma that lulls sociofobia cesar rendueles into thinking our passive relationship renduelfs technology plays a positive role in resolving longstanding differences.

When I heard the title I was confused, and intrigued.