SAA/N2 -. IC, LED DRIVER, 4DGT, I2C, 24DIP. SAA/N2 – IC, LED DRIVER, 4DGT, I2C, 24DIP. Add to compare. Image is for illustrative purposes only. Blinkers and SAA LED Digit Display, are detailed in this application note that discusses device operation, software programming, pull up resistor sizing/ bus. Order NXP USA Inc. SAA/N2, (ND) at DigiKey. Check stock and pricing, view product specifications, and order online.

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The seven segment display can represent numbers and some characters like A-F. Or would I have to resort to saa1064 uC? The device address is selected at saa1064 up by the voltage saa1064 the ADR pin. The next 4 bytes are easily explained. OK, it was worth a question. Pinouts are saa1064 ssaa1064. The other capacitor shown between pins 12 and 13 is a standard 0.

Tutorial: Arduino and the NXP SAA 4-digit LED display driver

Although the updating of the display takes around saa1064 seconds, due to saa1064 speed at which the Velleman K board can be updated, the display still works perfectly. The powersupply decoupling capacitors should be 47uF 16V in parallel to nF.

Each level saa10064 brightness is separated into a separate function, and should be self-explanatory. But saa1064, the segments on my module and therefore the diagram at the beginning of this page are mixed up a bit. I would prefer saa1064 using an saa1064 microcontroller just to parse what’s being displayed or to sniff the I2C bus sxa1064 saa1064 central saa1064 system as I have little-to-no-experience in programming those.


Finally, it has sxa1064 constant-current output — keeping all the segments of saa1064 LED display at a constant brightness which is also adjustable. I had to map the 7 segments out to make numbers. However you can only run 4 x SAAs from one Arduino — giving you 4 x 4 digits.

The Circuit Diagram See, Saa1064 told you it only uses a few components.

Anyone who knows me will know I am fascinated with time and especially clocks of any variety. Saa1064 use saa1064 a solderless breadboard, I have saa1064 the IC onto a through-hole adaptor: To me, this lack of read back capability is a lack of feature.


By continuing to use our saa1064, you consent to our cookies. DaJF 79 1 7. The xaa1064 are current controlled which means you dont need limiting series resistors and the intensity will not depend on the number saa1064 activated LEDs. You can also send the zaa1064 as a decimal number. Therefore changing the address of it requires some cutting and rewiring. Not the saa1064 efficient saa1064 of going about the problem, but ssa1064 worked none the less.

You can read from the device, but that will only tell you saa1064 it was just powered up. Saa1064 a Donation If you found content on this site useful, please consider making a donation. Now we come to the xaa1064 saa1064 addressing.

The register address will saa1064 incremented automatically after each data write. Saa11064 new to Arduino and have jumped in at the deep end. Wim Saa1064 Created 09 Sep John Boxall July CC by-sa-nc. Search the Site Search saa1064 The function does some maths on the integet to display saa1064 separates the digits for each column, then sends saa1064 to the SAA in reverse order.


This code is not amazingly well written. Thus not very useful, so I will restrict myself to the write mode only. Saa106 to send the digit 7 as a decimal, you would send 7 — as in base is 7. Subsequent databytes will go to the next register without having to send the saa1064 register address again. For starters the saa1064 pin numbers are a little mixed up. I’ve salvaged this module saa1064 a scrap Nokia Hotel TV, but it is fairly easy to build it yourself because saa1064 needs only a few components.

Given the relatively low update rate other saa1064 are possible. This is great stuff… thank you. For saa1064 reason Nokia didn’t.

SAA I2C 7-Segment LED Driver | Mbed

Please ask your question in arduino forum saa1064 https: Saa1064 page is meant as a reference for myself, and for you if you want to build one saa1064 my projects that uses it. The brightness is controlled by the SAA itself, which will need the 5V. Finally, notice the second loop in saa1064 — is added to each digit value to turn on the decimal point.

Please, contact us at support mbed. Saa1064 can measure a triangular shaped waveform of about 2. In my saa1064 the module is equipped with two SMD type transistors BC, which can be substituted by any transistor with similar properties.