In RegiStax 6 we can trap the noise and sharpen the image directly in Layer 1. This would be the normal approach to enhance this image using wavelets. Registax Tutorial. This tutorial is largely meant for beginners who want to learn to stack and process planetary images in Registax. Load your captured movie or series of images into Registax. Step 6: The Magic of Wavelet Processing. We’ll be using two pieces of popular software, AutoStakkert!2 and Registax 6 to do so . ‘Manual Draw’ – Ticking this allows you to manually draw the APs on the .

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For a slightly better result, try clicking the ‘set alignpoints’ button in which Registax will place several alignment points on your image. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account tuutorial our community. They are simply the steps I use.

Most of it is over my head, but basically he added a denoise box for each layer. Look carefully at Figure 7 to see the Denoise and Sharpen settings for each layer. If you want, you can cut off a few more frames using the sliders for quality and registration difference.

I did not change any of them and pressed the control with the green line under it “STACK” This image shows the result of stacking 50 frames. That works fine when you can see from the initial alignment that you won’t have any major alignment errors and won’t need to reject any more low quality images. Below will be my processing steps. To that end, this one will be simple and straightforward, with just the basic essentials, which are all I use anyway.


I have tried all the readily available stacking programs and tutrial that this step does make a noticeable difference. I leave the values as you see them in the figure.

RegiStax- Preview V6

Six points will registqx fine with this Mars image. Posted February 28, I’ve posted the link a few times on the forum and it seems to get great feedback every time so thought it was worth posting here possibly as a sticky? The next thing one needs to do before clicking the ‘Align’ tab, is determine the method on how you would like the frames limited to gain the best result.

For non-astrophotographers, it may still provide an interesting insight into how the process works and just how much the processing matters. This image is slightly dim, so by stretching the histogram moving the right-hand slider to the left and clicking “stretch”the image is brightened. I’d only really just got the hang of the basics in v5 when v6 came out and the UI had changed sufficiently that I needed to start all over again.

First, I feel more in control of each individual frame if I can access by itself. Wish me luck, here goes Next I moved to the wavelet stage by clicking on the Wavelet-tab. Amazing, how mediocre the unprocessed frames tutoriql, isn’t it? I plan to share those steps here to help the reader get past the basic learning curve of Registax 6.


For each Alignpoint a yellow patch shows the movements 5x enlarged as estimated for each frame. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy.

Cor will no doubt outline a full list of improvements and changes he has made with 6 versus 5. Or sign in with one of these services. Registax will cut unused frames and move to the Optomization section. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. For the purposes of this tutorial I will be using Jupiter as the subject.

Again, you should experiment to see what works best for you. These settings are guidelines only, just something to get you started. This registxa Registax will only save the best frames for the stacking process.

Posted June 10, The number of alignment points will differ based on the size of the object on your image. Tutorual depends on how many you have and how bad they are, but obviously, when the regkstax curve starts to drop off a lot, they need to be rejected.