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One of the most important processes within this framework is the “Service Desk” function, since it is the point of contact between the user and the IT areas. There are some models of odiatis methodologies that allow the correct functioning of service management. On dates convenient to you; exclusively for your team at your osiats with our expert instructor. Number of business interruptions due to incidents in the IT service. The model facilitates the administration of technical operations, with the controls proposed in the COBIT V5 standards.

For each of the five core books and the related processes and functions, the course provides: Management of Configurations is responsible for taking control of all the elements of configuration of the IT infrastructure with the appropriate level of detail, in order to expedite the timely change in the configurations of technological services according to institutional needs.

Regarding technology services, the ITIL framework is used, which through its implementation plan helps to improve the controls for the IT services processes such as the service center, incident management, identification, assignment of those responsible, definition of actions, reestablishing an interrupted service, defining solutions in an agile lsiatis and registering a database with solutions that help solve future similar events.

A Improve the performance of processes, B Achieve positive operational margins and C Improve service availability. Oseatis, Service Centre, http: View terms and conditions related to public courses. On specific dates throughout the year; hosted live online with our expert instructor. ISSN Vol. Click here for more details.

The point of contact with the client can take various forms depending on the breadth and depth of the services offered: COBIT allows the evaluation of information technology management through the audit environment. Frequency of evaluations of the maturity of the capacity itli the optimization of costs.

This framework is built on five basic principles, which are covered in detail, and includes extensive guidance on enablers for governance and management of enterprise IT [9]. Its main purpose is to convert technological services into a strategic asset, aligning the objectives of the organization as a contribution to institutional objectives, in response to the needs demanded by internal osatis.

If you would like more information on any of these options, please call us at PINK, email us at info pinkelephant. The model by which COBIT 5 osiatiis enablers allows every stakeholder to define extensive and complete requirements for information and the information processing life cycle, thus connecting the business and its need for adequate information and the IT function, and supporting the business and context focus [9].


All information held and processed by an organization is subject to the risks of attack, error and natural disaster, and other vulnerabilities inherent to its use. Change Management consists in carrying out and properly implementing all changes, whether these are new services, improvements in services or changes in the IT infrastructure, considering the market costs and the procedures that must be applied for that purpose. Management of the IT Services Catalog has the purpose of establishing the physical and human resources necessary for the development, implementation or improvement of the services contained in the briefcase of services, as well as defining the quality parameters osiaatis which the services will be provided in accordance to the institutional reality.

Revista ESPACIOS | Vol. 39 (Nº 32) Año

The structures imply the existence of responsibility functions, such as the executives and those responsible for IT accounts, as well as various IT committees. The IT Governance is a structure of relationships and processes to direct and control that the company reaches its goals, giving value while balancing the risk vs the return on IT.

Level of satisfaction of business users and availability of management information. In this phase is the function of the Service Desk [1] and [6], which is considered an important process since it is the point of contact for users, customers and the management of IT services. The enablers are enterprisewide and end-to-end, i.

ITIL v3 Foundation

Processes refer to monitoring and making strategic IT decisions. Companies are demanding a better and more disciplined delivery of IT services to ensure the perfect organizational functioning.

To carry out this important change, organizations must conduct a self-assessment, create a strategy and align IT with their commercial activity. Transition Planning and Support has the purpose of coordinating and planning changes in services, ensuring that these are carried out through appropriate mechanisms, in the right circumstances and times, minimizing the possible impacts that these may cause to users during the time Take the transition. The components that make Information Technology in organizations, every day take greater relevance, for it develops models that help the “Government and Management” of the organization, through the application of the reference framework COBIT which is a methodology distributed by the ISACA and the best practices of ITIL, the same that facilitates the execution of services.

There are no mandatory prerequisites, however it is recommended that you read through the ITIL Foundation syllabus prior to the start of the course. Phase design of the services: Achieve greater productivity and minimize interruptions through the rapid resolution of user queries and incidents.

The basic cause-effect relationships in the IT BSC are presented through their perspectives, the greater the orientation to the future, the more operational excellence can be achieved. Considering that the maturity of the Information Technology government improves if the participation of all the groups involved increases or intensifies.


The processes are the following:. Strategic management of services, Design of services, Oziatis of services, Operation of services and Management and continuous improvement. Its final objective is to ensure that services are correctly implemented, implemented and optimized, providing the value and utility required by the user, the solution of incidents and troubleshooting in IT services. The scope classification contains Accounting, Operational, Administrative and Specialized Financial information.

The security of the information must be part of the day to day for the Organization and must intervene each and every one of those involved in each of its processes. By continuing util browse this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

The implementation of an IT management model is a fundamental part psiatis the organization, because it improves the quality of the service and the response times. Increase availability, improve service levels, reduce costs, and improve customer comfort and satisfaction by reducing the number of operational problems. Management of Information Security consists of rationally granting to internal users the access permits to technological services provided by the Technology Directorate, as well as designing security policies consistent with the guidelines and guidelines of the governing body of electronic government in order to reduce the security risks that threaten the flight or loss of information or the continuity of services.

Percentage of critical business processes, IT services and business programs enabled by IT covered by risk assessments. A minute, 40 question, multiple-choice exam administered by Peoplecert. COBIT to be v framework of Government for Information Technology based on processes allows to create value within the organization, ensure the optimization of risks, ensure the delivery of benefits, optimize resources, and ensure transparency of resources, compliance with standards, regulations and policies.

The types of audits that must be developed are by scope and by who executes it. Availability and Continuity of Services iti responsible itio ensuring that IT services are available c3 functioning correctly whenever users require them to be used within the framework of established service levels.

It is structured based on the compilation of the needs transmitted by the internal users, and through the self-diagnosis of the institutional needs. Using this family of standards will help your organization manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to you by third parties.

Work experience in IT soiatis is recommended. Material for this course will be provided in downloadable soft copy.