23 Jun Frequently Asked Questions regarding NYSSMA: What is NYSSMA? What piece should I play? What is the NYSSMA Manual? Do I need to buy. February 26, This year the NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Classical solo audition festival for students Page in NYSSMA manual. 8 Jan The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) is the affiliate of. [ download] ebooks nyssma manual pdf NYSSMA MANUAL.

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Credit card orders are accepted through online purchases only. Preparing any piece of music has a variety of aesthetic rewards and technical benefits. No credits will be issued.

Nyssma manual 2013 who desire comments only can perform any music and are not required to play scales or sight read. Each of the judging categories are allotted a set points out of the total. Students may use a live or recorded accompaniment. Who are the adjudicators?

Therefore, for this option, the judge may only write comments. Finalized schedules are confirmed and distributed to teachers approximately school days before the festival. Yes, but it is not advisable due to the rigor and commitment involved in preparing for an adjudication.

Manual Edition 31 – Effective July Depending on availability and scheduling, the school music teacher may or may not have time to assist nyssmaa the preparation of the music.


Three Ways to Order: The grade sheets are then certified and sent to nyssma manual 2013 music departments at the individual schools to be distributed to the students.

At each festival, students perform, a or piece of manuao choice from the designated NYSSMA repertoire, and a sight reading piece. A solo is nyssma manual 2013 individual performance. Yes, providing the student also has a receipt from the website the music nyssma manual 2013 purchased from. How does the scoring system work for the assessment?

Nyssma Manual Pdf – foreverhill

What if a student cannot perform on the scheduled date of the festival? Festival will be held at Syosset High School on May 11 and 12, If only one legal copy is available, nyssma manual 2013 adjudicator may have to look over the shoulder of the performer.

At major ensemble festivals, nyssmq bands, choruses and orchestras are evaluated. Levels and Grading System [ ] There are a total of six levels, each with its own level of progressively more challenging repertoire. Please nyssma manual 2013 at least 1 week for delivery. It is updated every three years.

Instrumental nyssma manual 2013 also must play scales, the number of which are determined by difficulty level of nyssma manual 2013 solo. For all, and festivals, Edition Musicus publications cannot be performed for a rating. How does a student prepare for an adjudication and who can help? Each solo or ensemble time slot must be purchased by the student.


All-State soloists must provide accompaniment if the literature they are performing has an accompaniment part. Vocalists Levels I – IV are judged on seven categories: No need to be fancy, just an overview.

Physical Education Health Health Services. Within approximately weeks of the festival, each participating student will receive the original adjudication form back, completed by the adjudicator. Such students indicate this before the festival by checking the ‘Festival’ box 0213 the evaluation sheet. Students should make the NYSSMA festival a priority by making nyssma manual 2013 available for the duration of nyssma manual 2013 festival until a time confirmation is received.

Students who play saxophones, brasses or percussion or manua, can choose to be evaluated in where they have an opportunity to be selected into various jazz ensembles. Registration is only done through the music teacher at the school which the student attends.

Photocopied music is illegal. All-State adjudications must 20013 nyssma manual 2013 site variance approval letter from NYSSMA before being scheduled elsewhere, and only under extreme, extenuating circumstances will this be done.