The Motorola GR Repeater provides the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend your two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these. NOTE: THIS IS AN ASTRON SLM POWER SUPPLY. (IN THIS CASE, THE “M” STANDS FOR MOTOROLA-. THERE ARE NO METERS ON THIS UNIT). Motorola GR VHF/UHF 40/45Watts Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR repeater. It provides the flexibility.

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All MaxTrac, Radius and GM models draw about 5 milliamps when turned off standby current for the microprocessor and about milliamps in receive squelched mode the GR series repeaters have two radios plus motorola gr500 repeater control unit so they draw a small amount of additional idle current.

Motorola Radius GR500 Repeater Station Input Voltage 115/230vac

It also does not have a courtesy beep. People missed this when I had it in standard motorola gr500 repeater yr500, so If anyone has done a Midland or EFJ microphone conversion would like to donate the info, even anonymously, we’d love to have it. Adding motorola gr500 repeater DB9 pigtail cable is easy see the article in this section. This is backwards from the common RJ45 Ethernet connector. You really don’t want your repeater fading out during something important like a search and rescue operation, or even a autopatch motorola gr500 repeater.

I’ve seen many radios with an RJ45 plug plugged into the mic jack with a 1 inch jumper wire crimped into pins 3 and This quirk is significant on your workbench: If you are going to be doing any upgrading, or you are converting a trunking radio to conventional, you will need a PROM-based radio which leaves out the HLN low-end 5-pin logic board and a repeqter PROM chip programmed with the correct firmware image.

Once the pins are clean a microdrop of a product called “Stabilant” also known as “Tweek” on each pin helps a lot. According to the manual, the part number for the proper speaker lead assembly, including the connector that plugs into the Motorola gr500 repeater speaker connector on the logic board is T30 “speaker cable assembly”. So if you really have to change it, the large mass means that you need to use a larger soldering iron, or even a soldering gun to heat each lead, then remove as much solder as motorola gr500 repeater from the joint.

Even the Quantar uses one.

The method of grounding this pin varies with which model of microphone is used. On this particular manual do not get the original or -A version, motorola gr500 repeater the -B or newer version, as they’ve added a bunch of useful info with the -B version.


Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR repeater. The problem is that replacing it is a lot more work than you would expect motorola gr500 repeater to the way the radio was designed and put together the antenna connector is soldered to the bottom of rspeater RF amplifier board, which is a major pain to removeso don’t proceed unless you really have to. The transmitter can draw as high as 17 amps depending on RF motorola gr500 repeater level and repeaer band.

It’s better to have a backup and never need it than to need it and not have it. Motorola gr500 repeater seen a number of bubble-packed kits that started at T10 and went up in size so you may need to hunt a little for a set that includes the T8 size.

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If the transmitter is on frequency then the main crystal is fine. Motorola gr500 repeater Ontario Hydro radios use an 8-kilobyte pin EEPROM in a pin socket, soldered into the same pin PC board layout location in the PC board and then two jumpers implemented with zero-ohm surface-mounted resistors are moved around.

Motorola gr500 repeater either one you can adapt other mikes like a David Clark aircraft headset or use the cord as an interface cable for an outside audio source. Due to this fact none of these radios will operate full duplex this is why the DeskTrac tabletop base station motorola gr500 repeater the GR, GR and GR series repeaters used two separate radio chassis inside the box.

Yes, the motofola chassis had two antenna jacks. Motorola gr500 repeater one day the driver sat on the microphone for an hour during a road trip. Contact the page maintainer above. Another unique MaxTrac that doesn’t mix parts well is the famous or infamous, take your pick Ontario Hydro low band MaxTrac. Many folks use the feature to implement a frequency agile remote base on their notorola, for example a VHF GM programmed with 2m channels on a UHF repeater. The M can be programmed down to The buyers guide rates it as a 20nbsp;amp cable.

Repeatrr seen a photo of a w Spectra trunk mount mobile where the power control failed and let the transmiter run at full blast for as long as PTT motorola gr500 repeater held down. The GR and repeaters have their own service manual motorola gr500 repeater Z Sometimes it’s not obvious until the RIB or the microphone does not make contact or is making intermittent contact.

There was also a kit to swap the two radio chassis in a GR or GR for a single R radio repewter allowed a Repeayer or GR to motorola gr500 repeater narrow-banded, and the two radios that were removed could be used elsewhere or sold.


And the symptoms are not what you would expect Here are a few examples of some key motorola gr500 repeater The receiver is in carrier squelch when this pin is floating, and when it is grounded if the channel has PL or DPL programmed the receiver must have the proper PL or DPL to unsquelch it.

Motorola GR500 Base Station Repeater (Black)

motorola gr500 repeater Usually model numbers superceed model names, as labels on the front plastic are or the front plastic itself is easy to swap. Yes, you can convert one to another by changing cords and the internal parts, but it’s much easier if you stick within the conventional or trunked motorola gr500 repeater i. It’s interesting but Moto’s RSS software can do things the radio can’t – so make sure you don’t motorola gr500 repeater the same function i.

Note that the Maxtrac and Radius model numbers do not have a narrowband option, only the GM series model numbers do the seventh character is a “2” for factory wideband, a “0” for factory narrowband.

Motorola made two “Control Station Kits”, one for low power 1 to 25 watts situations, and the other for high power 25 to 60 watts situations. If necessary the proper filters can be motorola gr500 repeater and changed.

And there are at least two different versions of the Lab software “out there”. The male connector require a unique crimping tool to be installed properly, and they motorola gr500 repeater designed to fit only a few types of coaxial motorola gr500 repeater.

Note that they will vibrate loose in mobile service but this will get you by in a base station environment or until you can locate the proper connector The DTMF kit was not popular to start with, is no longer available, and finding a radio equipped with one is very, very unusual.

I’ve never seen a radio with a 5-pin connector that needed replacing motorola gr500 repeater if you come across one the replacement part number is Motorola gr500 repeater All will do 7 to 8 watts with the power control cranked all the way to the top, Motorlla seen one do 10 watts, however I think the person advertising a D04GMC as a 15 watt radio was drugged, dreaming or had seen too many CB antenna advertisements.

Occasionally you run across repexter radio that needs a new pin accessory connector.