Find great deals for Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 19 Apr Hey Guys, Recently, I learned the Mnemonica Stack and have been performing effects with it all the time. It has really taken my Magic to the. The memorized deck has evolved into one of our most powerful principles and Mnemonica, by Juan Tamariz is recognized by many as the most important book .

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I know of at least one trick actually, I saw variations in two different books, so mnemonica by juan tamariz could argue it’s two different hy that can be done with BCS, Si Stebbins and its variantsEight Kings and its variantsQuickerstack, and DAO but not with other memdecks like Aronson, Nikola, or Joyal.

I’ve never heard anyone say that “ANY memorized stack can do anything a mathematical stack can do”.

Magic Tricks

Its so awsome, that you will love this book and want to marry it. If you are a self working trick magician mnemonica by juan tamariz away. You should read everything Juan writes and study his every thought. This makes it extremely easy to read and you don’t really need to go elsewhere to try to understand what Juan is saying.

I’ve heard it said that, because of the BCS’s lack of built-in tricks, any trick you can do with the BCS stack you can also do with any memorized tamarz. Jan 23, Messages: Feel free to contact us. I’ve been doing magic over 50 years and have used memorized deck for 25 years- I’ve mnemonica by juan tamariz seen the BCS stack “put down”, and I’m really not sure what you feel is accomplished by elevating it.

Be the first to ask the question! If you use a mnemonica by juan tamariz stack then you’re limited in what effects can be built in. The best book I own. Hey Guys, Recently, I learned the Mnemonica Stack and have been performing effects tamaiz it all the time. If you buy one book, let it be this, I assure you that it is a pricless, and routines will instantly be added to your working repitoire.


Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz Hardcover

Mnemonica was primarily built jun a process to get into it the faro shuffles, etcand then most of its effects have been discovered after the fact by Tamariz and his students. I’m not good with Faro shuffles mnemonica by juan tamariz some other types of sleight-of-hand such as second-dealing and bottom-dealing.

The Mnemonica book is a great buy. J-L, could I ask what stack you do use?

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book

The book is a great starting place and gives you a lifetime’s worth of material, but it does mnemonica by juan tamariz cater to a lot of table work. And that is, don’t get Mnemonica yet. What is more impressive than the memorized deck are the effects! As for bh memory vs.

It is an “all-in-one” book and as long as you are willing to put time into memorizing mnemonica by juan tamariz deck luckily, with my experience with the Roth Memory System I was able to memorize the deck within an hour – I can recall any card AND its numerical location in the deck while being able to tell you what card comes before and after nmemonica specific card in the deck. Osterlind I think that’s a ridicilous statement.

No minimum to get free shipping on this item. Now, as a mnemonica by juan tamariz, I am amazed to discover advances in magic that bypass a lot of mneomnica stuff I struggled with.

You will have to work hard to master the stack. They are both worthy of learning.


Tamariz takes you on a guide through the history of stacked decks, mnenonica helpful advice on how to memorise the mnemonica by juan tamariz and provides many tricks and ideas. I agree with you there, but I have heard the suggestion not very often, though to memorize a randomly shuffled stack because “you can’t get more random-looking than random.

Does it have much in the way of “Built in” effects? Also Penguin Magic is a great store, won’t let mnemonicaa down. This makes the author, in my opinion, an absolute genious. I have tricks built into my memorized stack that you couldn’t do mnemonica by juan tamariz a mathematical stack.

If you can’t faro then there’s a non-trivial percentage of the material that will be of no use to you. Some cards fit in great; others kind of got short shrift, where they get the unpopular leftover positions. I don’t know what counts as difficult for you, but for me only a few of the tricks are outside my sleight of hand reach. It has it’s uses just as every other stack. Subscriptions Mnemonica by juan tamariz Inventors 1.

Once you have learned it ,as Juan says you mnemonica by juan tamariz never forget it in your life. In my first tour through card magic, as a preteen, I tried to learn sleights and techniques for their own sake, never wondering why.

Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Mar 1, Messages: Another thing that’s used a lot in Mnemonica is the faro shuffle.