1 INSTANT GRATIFICATION 1 ABOUT THIS MANUAL 2 WHAT IS A 1 1 GLOBAL SETTINGS 17 MASTER TUNING 17 V KORG Wavestation a little bit about how the MDE works- The MDE has four inputs (A – D) arranged as. The Korg Wavestation A/D was an improved version of the classic Wavestation and Wavestation EX. It features XLR inputs and it’s possible to run external. on the original WAVESTATION series, delivering a perfect reproduction of the . Manual: Displays this Owner’s Manual. operating manual or the KORG App Help Center. 3. his sets the pitch of the waveform used by a patch, and ad-.

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Full text of “Wavestation owner’s manual”

For more about Wave Sequences, please see Chapter 9. You select the parameter assigned to the dial by using the cursor switches. The Wavestation opens up a vast new expanse of sounds waiting to be realized.

In a Patch, each oscillator can have its own Wave Sequence.

Any changes that you make will be reflected in the graphic display. Do not operate for a long period of time at high volume level or at a level that is uncomfortable. Some people send this kind of data to a sequencer, which can play it back RECOGNIZE for live effects such as filter sweeps or variable effects depth, or wavestatipn an editing log. However, specifications and operations are subject to change without notice.

WAVESTATION A/D/Performance Note

Inspired by one of the Sequential Circuits Prophets perhaps? Try selecting different Performances — particularly ones in the ROM bank. Obviously, however, this requires a lot of work to set up and maintain, and probably also entails copying the same patch to a number of different program locations you’ll be using that electric piano in more than one song.


However, the Tour chapters 6 through 9 do introduce the Wavestation’s editing controls.

Other Media Files : Korg WaveStation A/D

After setting, you should rarely need to adjust this. If desired, you can program one of the assignable footswitches to advance the Performance number.

Part 2 fromPart 3 fromand so on. Manuzl kun ske med batteri af samme fabrikat og type. This allows you to quickly set a basic kanual such as a pad to always sound, with other timbres such as attack transients being added to the basic sound when the keyboard is played harder.

Mod3 and Mod4 allow you to pick a controller for varying the initial levels set by Mix3 and Mix4. Because they have up to eight Parts, Performances multiply the sonic richness and detail of a sound. For example, when centered, the oscillators are mixed equally. This product, either alone or in combination with an amplifier and headphones or speakers, may be capable of producing sound levels that could cause permanent hearing loss.

Wavestation A/D

The slow and fast speed switch is chosen wavestatiion the acceleration mod source. The dial causes relative change from the current setting. Points have times: What is more, special care has been taken to make Wave Sequences expressive.

It’s much more convenient to be able to select a single program on the controller to set up all of the modules at once. You might even use the MDE to route patches to Hie auxiliary output jacks.

This is wavestxtion way to hear individual Patches.

Then press any of the soft keys shown for their corresponding functions. Korh oscillators can produce richer, more detailed sounds, but using fewer oscillators allows you to play more keys voices simultaneously. These are designated Controller 1 and 2.

Here is where you do it. As shown in the display page above, all Parts are set to a maximum velocity ofbut each Part is assigned an increasingly higher minimum velocity. The simplest answer is that Performances are the highest level of sound control in the Wavestation. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. By referring to the Path descriptions, you can easily find your way around.


Altogether, this allows you outstanding control of the dynamic mixture of the oscillators over the duration of a note. One Wave Sequence can have up to steps, and each bank can contain a total of steps. If problems occur, use at a greater distance from the radio or TV.

Since this page is at the top level, you will eventually return here. However, after a while, you wavestatiom probably create some Performances that combine different types of resources. For example, you can still easily fade a transient into an interesting continuous wave, or use Wave Sequences for the two oscillators as shown in Figure The splitter routes high frequencies to the chorus.

So, it is ready to play in a basic set-up with a master keyboard controller and several sound modules layered together- All data, such as the full MIDI note range, preset selections, and wheels, are recognized by default in the factory Performances.

In case of difficulty, please contact your authorized KORG dealer. Each of these run one of 47 different effects programs such as reverb, delay, distortion, and so on.

If the Okrg is one oscillator, this parameter is not available. Each step of the sequence can be given a specific duration — or be controlled by the gate time during which a key is held down.