Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman has ratings and reviews. Apatt said: In a future where humanity has become obsessed with timekeeping. Said the Ticktockman “Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman by Harlan Ellison was first published in and won two reputable awards. It is a satirical . Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison’s short story, “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman,” first appeared in Galaxy magazine in December , and earned .

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Throughout this period, Ellison wrote many short stories and essays. The ultimate proof of time’s tenuousness is the brevity of individual human life as compared to the rest of history.

Not only were government workers required to take loyalty oaths to keep their jobs, ordinary citizens were called upon to testify against their neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Click here to sign hxrlan. White makes a valid point here, especially considering rwpent the Harlequin is careless and ultimately gets caught.

They will also recognize that Ellison has a larger purpose in this story, to warn his readers of the dangers inherent in contemporary industrial society. Physically, the Harlequin is a small man, “elfin and dimpled and bright-eyed. Archived from the original on This is surely a trickster’s tale. Ellison shows that in our efforts to manage our time with greater efficiency and to better our lives, we have become enslaved by time.

Like many writers of speculative fiction, Ellison seems to have mixed feelings about the ways science and technology affect the lives of citizens of industrialized nations.

Oct 23, M Hamed rated it really liked it Shelves: He is disobedient, always late, a menace, a clown, a hero, an activist fighting for individual freedom, and an anarchist rebelling against corporate control. It becomes a sin.

In an essay called “True Love: One of the hardest lessons for an artist to learn is that television talk show hosts and politicians need to be liked, need to be admired, need to be loved—as the social critic Quentin Crisp once observed, “Artists in any medium are nothing more than a bunch of hooligans who cannot live within their income of admiration”—but that mad need to be well-liked can be murder on a writer.


The Harlequin acts out in ridiculous ways: Apr 10, Brian Yahn rated it really liked it. His best-known television screenplay, however, was his script for Star Trek in” The City on the Edge of Forever. The Harlequin or Everett C. Ticktockman Normally, the Master Timekeeper, who is the antagonist and known as the Ticktockman, was calm when everything ran on time, but the actions of the Harlequin infuriate the timekeeper enough that he threatens to kill him.

It’s an eccentric story, no less terrifying for it’s rather interesting characters. Indeed, he incites crowds of people to “saunter a while,” to “enjoy the sunshine.

Because both sides were developing considerable nuclear arsenals, the cold war was in deadly earnest; during the s and s, Americans lived with the very real fear of nuclear annihilation. Ellison’s next job was with the United States Army, serving from through The world of the Harlequin is one run by the Master Timekeeper, generally known as the Ticktockman.

Porter has assembled an introduction by famed science-fiction writer Isaac Asimovsix critical articles, ten essays by Ellison himself, and a nonfiction checklist in this useful book.

You are a true inspiration to all of us who have worked for a ticktockman at some point. To ask other readers questions about “Repent, Harlequin! I run my own life.

Character Analysis of “Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman | Wendy Lile –

The crime carries a hefty penalty in that a proportionate amount of time is “revoked” from one’s life. Love this short story! Although written over two decades ago, it still has merit for the student who wants to ellisson more about Ellison.

In so doing, he once again displays his understanding of himself as trickster, the individual who both uses and undermines the cultural conventions and technologies of his day. Ironically, Alice’s betrayal makes the Harlequin even more of an individualist; his loss of Pretty Alice means that he stands alone against the inquisition of the Ticktockman.


The ultimate consequence is to run out of time and be “turned off”. As a man, Everett C. As Ellison makes clear in the tale, Marm lives in a world—a “poisonously gray society,” as Michael White so aptly describes it—in which punctuality and conformity are the law and tardiness and individualism are felonies punishable by death. Now Harlequin is the rebel character – only, he is a rebel with a cause. The Tick-Tock Man is a monster precisely because he is not a machine but a human. Everyone lives with this fear except the Harlequin, who realizes that a society that relinquishes control of its existence to one entity or one small governing body—mechanical or otherwise—is in grave danger of becoming extinct.

Retrieved December 25, from Encyclopedia. In this republication of an old story by the author, a regimented futuristic utopia is presented. Ina comprehensive collection of Ellison’s work, The Essential Ellison: Marm who, disguised as the anarchical Harlequinengages in whimsical rebellion against the Ticktockman.

“Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman

Although the Harlequin is the main character, he represents a haroan of character rather than a realistic individual. Harlequin, you magnificent bastard, I wish I could wear a clown costume like you, drop millions of jelly beans in the streets and spread terror among the ticktockmen of the world.

This anger eventually leads the conformist Alice to turn in the non-conformist Harlequin to the Ticktockman, who tells the Harlequin that Alice “wants to belong; she wants to conform. Thus, both the Harlequin and the narrator serve as temporal anarchists: Dystopias generally serve as cautionary tales, warning readers of what will come harleuin present conditions are not corrected.