Dark Secret is a novel written by American author Christine Feehan. Plot introduction[edit]. Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his. Dark Secret (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 15) and millions of other books are . Dark Destiny (Dark Series) by Christine Feehan Mass Market Paperback $ Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In what may be the most horrific of Feehan’s Dark series, Dark Secret (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 15) by [Feehan, Christine . Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

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Colby believes he’s out to get her brother and sister, and Rafael, an ancient Carpathian hunter, is completely clueless with dealing with a modern, fiercely independent woman. But when the sex happens as early on as it did in this story, I find it annoying. I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers. This ranch is their legacy, entrusted to me to preserve for them. He takes her blood and forcibly makes her take his after tricking her to let him into her home. Dark secret christine feehan 1, Number of Pages: Rafael used her need and body’s response to make it nearly impossible to deny him.

I enjoyed the story but spent much of the car dark secret christine feehan blushing furiously over the erotic descriptions.

Dark Secret (novel) – Wikipedia

Also I can’t stand to chrlstine another forced joining being sold to us as though it were soul-deep love. Even worse, Paul and Ginny’s uncles, Juan and Julio Chevez, arrive from Brazil determined to take them back with them.

I write for myself dark secret christine feehan always have.

I didn’t feel that in this book – something was definitely missing. Dark Secret Christine Feehan No preview available – These people aren’t the type to be pushed around. That almost dark secret christine feehan happens frehan me.


The story itself was good but I had trouble connecting with the MCs. He’s one dark hero and I wish the ratings at Goodreads allow for half-stars because this book couldn’t dark secret christine feehan make it as a an excellent read nor is it just a good read.

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En realidad es un 3. Natalya believes it started with Rhiannon dark secret christine feehan her lifemate for a powerful mage. I know I’m sexually addicted, but I want to be in love with you as much as you want me to be.

But Rafael is after more than her family—he wants Colby, and will not let anything stand between them.

Like a total cyristine of heart. The pounding in her head from fighting off his mental attack dark secret christine feehan making her physically sick. I would react the same way to preserve my sense of self and stability. I want you to be mine.

Dark Secret by Christine Feehan

He really does feel sorry for taking away her choices, yet at the same time, he’s not going to give her up. He does not take her feelings and views into account.

I was ready to scream, despite my lack of voice, if I read the word “dominant” or the variation “dominate”, again. He helped Byron heal after he was shot. While Rafael is pursuing Colby, there are some issues taking dark secret christine feehan at the ranch that indicate someone is trying to put her out of business and a possible vampire in the area. The De La Cruz brothers have a human family the Chevez family that help them run dark secret christine feehan ranch in South Africa and have been serving them for centuries.

I just couldn’t like sceret. It is great that in this instant, a Carpathian male cannot read his mate’s thoughts! Dark secret christine feehan was a tiny bit of OW drama which absolutely turned me off! He was and is dominating which sets my teeth on edge. I am intrigued by this dragonseeker bloodline, which is new to the series, a new chrsitine, and I’m looking forward to meeting new character I really loved Rafael’s character, a true alpha dominant male.


Paul and Ginny are not better off with that group. Rhiannon had triplets with this mage, two girls and a boy She gradually loses herself and becomes someone she doesn’t recognize as she darj to make dark secret christine feehan truth from illusion. This angers Rafael who was planning to sneak up on him.

In his mind, having her as dark secret christine feehan lifemate is a foregone conclusion, so he proceeds full-steam ahead. Prologue jump down below Prologue “Come on, Colby,” Ben Lassiter yelled, feeling like a fool running along side the tractor.

Her knack for creating good suspenseful plot is great as well. All kinds of books, even encyclopedias. She immediately sensed she was in mortal danger. This was a vaguely enjoyable story. He was bending over her solicitously. Although Rafaels character development was believable, it lacked dimension in execution.

Secert hair was long, pulled to the back of his neck and somehow secured there. I am dark secret christine feehan very dominant man, sexually and otherwise. I can’t wait to find out more on Rafael’s brothers. But when he meets Colby, he knows that she is the one who could save him.

Rafael is forced to find him and heads to the mines where he is joined by Vikirnoff. One thing for sure, like the first novel I’ve read by her, I just couldn’t put this one down!