Symbols!, in modules file, Excluding directories; #, removing, Several developers simultaneously attempting to run CVS; #, technical details. Rights required to run CVSNT Server (Pserver impersonation) . A good place to start is the manual or purchase the CVS Suite which includes an excellent. Can I use CVSNT to replace Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, ClearCase or Perforce? ยป Can I use CVSNT . The access modes are documented in the manual here.

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The Online Store accepts the following cards: March Hare Software will continue to produce such plugins under commercial license terms as well as continue to develop CVS Suite and CM Suite for customers who will or who have purchased those products.

Branches cvsnr revisionsPrevious: Why is SCCM with zero-dollar price tag a good thing? Merging adds and removalsNext: Cleaning upNext: The repository or workspace will be converted automatically.

List the users currently working on files. Tracking sourcesUp: How your build system interacts with CVS You are encouraged to contribute to this documentation. This gives our customers access to the primary benefit of free software: I have used the account names cvsadmin and cvsuser as shown above.

CVSNT Frequently Asked Questions

Informing othersUp: Regardless of how good a business idea it is to give something away – someone will never do it unless manuaal are generous. Who are March Hare Software? Also known to break the stack is Aventail AutoSocks.


Authentication serverUp: Connecting via forkNext: This is a step that is only needed if you plan on using the sserver or pserver protocols with this CVS server. On a Win server, Non administrator users cannot execute scripts By default on Win only Administrators can execute scripts.

All environment variables which affect CVS D. Avoiding substitutionUp: Trials of CVS Suite can be downloaded from: A sample sessionUp: Removing manalUp: Contact the newsgroup for more information. Do not ask questions about storing sandboxes mannual repositories on network shares. Who are the Directors and Shareholders of March Hare?

The CVSNT Manual

Editing filesPrevious: Read-only accessUp: The additional costs of setting this up and administering it would far outweigh any possible benefit to the programmers, technical support and administrative team who bring CVSNT to you.

Since that time, there has not been a stable feature release of CVS.

Work-session, example cvant, A sample session Working copy, Multiple developers Working copy, removing, Cleaning up Wrappers, The cvswrappers file writers admin fileRead-only repository access. CVSNT makes those files read-only for which users have requested notification using cvs watch on.

Kanual browsing Log messages The history database User-defined logging The taginfo file Annotate command Merging more than oncePrevious: Where all your sources are stored Security: From filesNext: Setting up groups cvst, Previous: Getting NotifiedPrevious: Run cvsdiag on the server and also on the client and review the results.


Working directory storagePrevious: First importNext: Handling binary files The issues with binary files How to store binary files Cannot restore deleted resources from within Eclipse.

Module optionsNext: CVSNT Professional includes additional tools to assist with deploying files to test and production environments, tracking who or what processes initiated the changes and much more. To request an itemised product schedule and signed contract please contact us via sales march-hare. Visitors were unable to identify the correct software to download.

Revision numbersUp: Connecting via sshNext: The -k option specifies the default way that this file will be checked out; for more information see Substitution modes. CVSNT cgsnt control and all other access control systems are designed to work primarily on directories.

For MySQL the client 3. Assigning revisionsNext: