Cate Tiernan Books In Order. Publication Order of Wicca: Sweep Books Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young . A complete Cate Tiernan Sweep Series book set. All fifteen titles I’ve always loved stories of the supernatural especially involving wicca/witches. You fall in. The Wicca book series by Cate Tiernan includes books Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood witch, and several more. See the complete Wicca series book list in .

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Morgan now wants to find who her parents were but her relationship with Cal has caused so much friction that Raven and Bree leave Cirrus to go to a coven led by Sky Eventide.

As Morgan discovers that Hunter is still alive, she sets out to find him. As for tiernaj, this is my opinion: Sam on Nov 30, Views Read Edit View history. She knows nothing about magic until Cal Blaire a new senior student proficient in Wicca comes to the school. But her tranquil life is turned upside down when Cal Blair a senior transfers to her school taking in all the girls with his olive skin, perfect body, colored eyes, and angelic face.

Blood Witch by Cate Tiernan. I stayed up teirnan 4, catw 5 in the morning to read those books! Smith during this period. But dark magick seems to be surrounding them and someone close is to blame. Alisa soon discovers that her half-witch abilities may be the key to defeating the Dark Wave and saving everyone who she knows. Morgan, Hunter and other members of vate coven g… More. Hunter and Cal at the cemetery prepare to fight when Morgan binds them with a spell.


The series is nothing like Twilight.

Morgan Rowlands is a high school student living in the picturesque town of Widow’s Vale. I am currently on book 9 of the Sweep series and i can’t put it down! So saying this is not like twilight is kinda hard at least in the beginning, the whole brunette girl who gets singled out by the ridiculously gorgeous brunette boy who is special kinda thing. Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan. Amidst her overwhelming emotions, Cal and his mother, Selene Belltower, enter, perplexed about how she was able to enter the secret room.

Charbonnet was born in New OrleansLouisiana, in This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat I like both series’s for different reasons. Under her own name, she is chiefly known for children’s books in the PrincessAmerican Gold Gymnastsand Disney Girls wjcca.

I found this book series when it first came out.

Through a relationship with Cal Morgan, she learns about her family origins, powers, and her heritage even as she struggles with her feelings for Cal. Kaylahsm on Feb 13, Selene falls to the ground, grieving over her son’s dead body.

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While there are some fanciful moments in Tiernan’s book she does describe the world of Wiccan practitioners beautifully. Hunter suspects that the dark magick is being used by David Redstone, owner of Practical Magick, and Morgan’s friend. At the invitation of Bree, they stay at the apartment of Bree’s father.

Morgan knows that a great battle is to come. Excuse the bad pun. She feels apprehensive and hesitant about facing Ciaran, but at the same time, has a strange urge to hug him since she has finally found her true father. I would stay up until two in the morning just to finish a book.


Shelve Book of Shadows.

Wicca Series

Tiernan was born in New Orleans, one of the most exotic and rich sicca in the American South that had a profound influence on her life and later writing. Flipping through the pages she realizes that what she held was her mother’s Book of Shadows.

Jessica on Nov 9, Ash on Aug 17, Even after almost 10 years, it remains to this day my very favorite book series. There were so many interesting people to interact with and watch and so much to see and do, though after a while the frenetic energy started wearing her down. Jack Reacher is back!


Though i am scared to see what they would do with it concerning a movie. Sweep is amazing, but Balefire would be easier to make into a film. Stop criticising, Cate Tiernan was first with catw idea and STephenie Meyers Twilight Saga doesn’t even come close, she was just lucky that Summit picked her idea up first!

Hunter announces his reason for being there which is to fulfill his duty as Seeker. Joey Nathan on Oct 27, Volume 5 by Cate Tiernan. Despite the constant humidity and humidity she found the city beautiful, particularly its acceptance of colorful and eccentric behavior and the air of indolence. John Wick 2 9.