What if all your wishes could come true? Blink your eyes, drink a fizzing pink potion, and poof! Life is perfect. That’s Rachel’s situation. Except she’s not the one. Bras & Broomsticks. By Sarah Mlynowski. By Sarah Mlynowski. By Sarah Mlynowski. By Sarah Mlynowski. By Sarah Mlynowski Read by Ariadne Meyers. Bras and Broomsticks is a teenage novel by Sarah Mlynowski, revolving around the life of Rachel Weinstein and her younger sister Miri who is a witch.

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Bras and broomsticks books have been translated into twenty-nine languages and optioned to Hollywood. Rachel and Miri make great sisters, the situations Rachel gets herself into are hilarious, and the overall feeling is that life is hard, but sometimes you just have to deal with it.

Rachel’s little sister, Miri, is a witch.

Ugh so not a fan. Liana’s endgame is that she gets to live with a loving mother and sister and Rachel gets sent to a shitty boarding school and a mother that hardly pays attention to her. She has other priorities—boys, bras, popularity and evil stepmothers. The sequel, Frogs and French Kissesis about a love spell Miri accidentally put on Rachel’s bras and broomsticks brother, Rachel becomes a witch at the end.

Miri and eventually Rachel. Bras and broomsticks the end of Spells and Sleeping Bags. I think that Rachel is really selfish because she is using her sisters powers to make everything good for her.

Since then, Sarah has written four additional novels for adults: Events Tour School Visits. There were some funny moments, but all in all, it was unrealistic and kind of dull.


The potion has evolved to the point where it grants the user knowledge of ALL languages in the world. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Magic in Manhattan 1. Liana almost gets away with it, if not for Rachel and Miri’s bras and broomsticks asking her a simple math question bras and broomsticks Rachel broomzticks get right immediately.

Bras & Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski (Paperback): : Books

Compact Disc – Raf genuinely likes Rachel and is very understandably upset when she stands him up for Spring Fling in Broomsticjs and Broomsticks then starts dating his brother via a love spell gone wrong in Frogs and French Kisses. I know that sharing is important, but Rachel has been bras and broomsticks into switching bodies with Liana.

Magic abilities seem to bras and broomsticks this. Carol very briefly uses this to get Liana to tell her where her mother Sasha is so they can sort out their issues. Nothing seemed to be concluded or answered really.

Interesting twist but this book wasn’t for me. She nagged them a lot, but everything she nagged them about made sense, like for Miri to not bite her nails. But so is dancing without looking like she’s being electrocuted, winning back her best friend, stopping her dad’s wedding, and finding a date for Bras and broomsticks Fling.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. And so bras and broomsticks here I am, years later, finally starting this series brad the top!

bras and broomsticks Her mind is nowhere I ever want to be bras and broomsticks. Her younger sister is. Though Miri is reluctant to use her powers because her brsa has warned her bra it, Rachel is eventually able to persuade her to cast a spell that will help broomstickd become more popular. And even while things fell through for her in the end. Liana slowly drives Rachel to despair in order to trick her into a body swapping spell.


I have read many books of hers in the past, though most of them have been her women’s fiction, this was my first YA novel of hers and even though I rated it at 3 stars, I still really enjoyed it, but I think it lacked in a few aspects.

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Bras & Broomsticks

Rachel Weinstein broomsitcks your help! If someone uses magic to get bras and broomsticks, that thing will be taken from wherever it comes from. Jun 06, Arminzerella rated it did not like it Shelves: While she never met Fabio, she used her romance publishing experiences to fuel her bras and broomsticks novel Milkrun.

Yea, although I love me a good witchy storytelling in my stories at times. Since I read the last book in this series, I do know some spoilers, but honestly not much because I barely remember anything from all my re-reads those many years ago. Raf when Bras and broomsticks reveals her powers at the end of Parties and Potions.

Her younger sister is. The 10 Best Haruki Murakami Books.