Read Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary from the story One Liter of Tears by ronyswizzle (Queen RØñý ♛) with reads. story, true. (Aya Kito)(July Aya Kitō was a Japanese diarist. She wrote about her personal experiences living with Her mother, Shioka Kitō, convinced her to publicize her diary in order to give hope to others, since Aya had always wanted to be able to help others. Litre no Namida is a dramatic tragedy diary written by Aya Kitō published shortly before her death. The diary, a true story based on her own life, was originally.

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I want diaey skin to be darker. Thinking I should listen to her carefully, I crouched down and looked into her face as she sat there in her wheelchair. If only I could write again, I wouldn’t have anything to regret. Aya, you are alive! She gives me hope. They had an indescribable expression on kkto faces! I took the elevator from the eighth floor to the first floor I read a book in the lobby while I was waiting for my turn.

I felt ashamed of myself. I rang Emi, my cousin who lives in Okazaki, to ask her to visit me. I diart instant rament noodles for lunch today – -known for the slogan ‘Just add hot water and it’s ready in three minutes. But it’s really difficult to get her to fully understand. And he diaty that the disease was ‘slow but progressive.

I admired her because she didn’t rely on machines. While advising Aya to keep her notes in a diary and organize them into a book, I was concerned about the fact that there wasn’t much I could do to help her. Chapter 9 – “Can I.


I checked to see if it was bleeding. A human brain has about 14 billion nerve cells, supported by more then ten times that number of cells. She placed a towel firmly riary my bottom and then poured a lot of hot water over the parts of me that were still dry. When I entered Higashi High, I studied with the goal of going on to a university.

Is there no remedy? I don’t even have time to look up at someone’s face and say, ‘Good morning. Eating a meal takes her at least two hours.

Aya Kitō – Wikipedia

Many volunteers came along to look after us. The words might have ruined that beautiful rainbow. Still, it was all right, because the main course was chirashi zushi a kind of sushi with the ingredients chopped and scattered over a bed of vinegared rice.

The computer route inside my cerebellum is wya, so the movements which ordinary people can do involuntarily are only possible after the instructions have been fed back once to my cerebrum.

Bo th kitoo families and the nurses were pleased. As I examined Aya in the consulting room at the new hospital, I compared her condition to the day when I had first met her in Nagoya.

I’ve grown very fond of it. However, they tend to agonize over how they should explain it to the patients and their families.

I felt relieved when she said, “Little Aya, I think you should enter the hospital as diray as things have been prepared for you. It’s four months since I graduated. I blame myself, but I can’t make any progress.

“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

When I rang the group and told them I was staying at home for summer holiday, they invited me to join them. I don’t know whether it really had a labor shortage or it was just that nobody wanted to help Aya because the rumor was gong around kiro she was a difficult case. It’s because she has to keep on washing my nappies due to my failures during the night. But in fact they’re getting worse.


I felt sorry toward Mom for what I’d done. As she kiito in one entry, “I write because writing is evidence that I am still alive. Whenever my patients with this disease start getting discouraged, I encourage them by talking about Aya.

Kito, you won’t find a good caregiver like that anywhere else, you know. Pictures from Aya’s Diary These are the onl For more than two hours, he happily explained to me all about his camera.

Aya, lito you understand what I’m saying? Am I a 17 year-old grandmother.

Aya and U-kun, a boy one year younger than her, were young and cheerful patients. According to Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of DreamsI have an incredibly strong desire that’s only a matter of course. For several days after this incident, I could still hear her voice asking, “Dr. My little old lady is spending her life only for me. It has two batteries installed next to each other down below the seat. It’s a bad habit.

What’s fearful is giving up. We wanted to bring her closer to us, so we started looking for a suitable hospital in Toyohashi. Aya discovers this disastrous news as the disease has already developed. Do I look tired? In the car, I told Dr.

I was sure I had put it there.