Astral Dynamics has ratings and 29 reviews. Michael said: Bruce’s book on out-of-body experience is the best I’ve read over the years, and I’ve read. Part One – Elements of Projection. Chapter – Dimensional Theory Chapter – OBE and Perception. Part Two – New Energy Ways. Chapter – Imagination Versus . He combines his experiences and more than twenty-five years of research in his newest book, Astral Dynamics: A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experience.

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Preview — Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. Chapter – Lucid Dream Backup. Direct astral feedback is like forcing the human mind to grasp actual infinity — the limitlessness of which no human mind is capable of grasping.

Dream mind reflected copy. Chapter – A Few Last Words.

Astral Dynamics – A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences.pdf

This is the second level of the natural subtle body generation and projection process. Because of this, you may notice a distinct lack of references experiencee other written material within this book. This book would be equally engaging for a beginner and adept. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Full text of “Astral Dynamics A NEW Approach To Out Of Body Experiences”

I first came across Robert Bruce as a presence in an Internet news group called alt. When dealing with the astral dimension you cannot simply point and say, as you can in the physical universe: Part Six – Strange Oit-of-body Phenomena.


The nausea and mental pressure steadily increased in both aspects. My physical dyhamics became aware of its projected double’s return when the feeling of tangible presence and tension began again. I studied these effects as best I could in the short time I had. I am confident that they have not been excelled. I had found an electronic medium which allowed me to communicate my ideas to millions of people around the world.

The real-time zone, axtral technically still a part of the astral dimension, is best considered a completely separate dimensional level.

Projection Technique–What you need to know to stop reading about dynamica projection and actually do it. All the projection-related sensations vanish. Do poor skill, poor natural ability, and poor projection technique really account for the extremely high failure rate associated with conscious-exit projection? There is more than one variation and strength of real-time double possible. The pure-energetic aspect has at least seven primary energy centers often called chakras or psychic centershundreds of secondary energy centers minor chakrasand thousands of tiny energy exchange out-of-bodj.

If you examine case histories, or have experienced this yourself, you find that every projection starts fresh, from the very beginning, just as if it were the very first OBE.

Both physical and projected aspects continue to record two completely separate sets of memories, in two unbroken streams, separately and independently, until reintegration.

The quality of this type of sight is variable. Buhlman’s book is a better how-to guide but Astral Dynamics explores energetic aspects of astral projection left out of Buhlman’s book. They can move through solid matter at will, although they may perceive some texture and varying degrees of resistance. Jul 05, Stephen Monroe Monroe rated it liked it.


Alproach a real-time projector observes another real-time projector, while both are out of body, they will usually look reasonably normal to each other, although often a little appoach or transparent.

A really good book on astral projection. Many of the complexities of the astral planes are virtually unknown. The short duration of his projection following my advice on keeping it short appears to have been a oug-of-body factor here, allowing the dynaics recall of the experience after the event. I often see and hear children gallivanting about the real-time zone. Glance at it only briefly, and remember it. Jul 10, Wise Fool rated it did not like it.

It also defies logic that a experienecs energy mechanism could exist that would allow the possibility of an accidental expulsion of the etheric body. Chapter – Supporting Energy Structures. No noticeable mind-split effect has occurred at this stage, although the energetic conditions that allow the mind-split to occur are now present. When present, the base level thus replaces any higher levels of consciousness and overwrites any memories gained independently by those levels of consciousness on higher levels.

It is today almost universally accepted that the physical body is left empty, unguarded, and exposed during any type of OBE.