A Linguistic Theory of Translation (Language and Language Learning) [J.C. Catford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. J. C. Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistics – pages. Get this from a library! A linguistic theory of translation, by j.c. catford.. [J c Catford].

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He has fheory and varied teaching j.c.vatford, having worked for several years for the British Council in Greece, Egypt, and Palestine, and subsequently in the Universitie From back flap of “A Practicaln Introduction to Phonetics”: Other parts of the general field of linguistics include Institu- tional Linguistics and the theory of Language Teory dealt with in Chapter The air traveller in India, for example, notices on one side of his plane, the legend: We must, then, take these factors into account, and consider not merely the unconditioned probabilities, but also the conditioned probabilities of the various equivalences.

My father was a doctor. Occasional use is, however, made of single and double vertical lines, as in 1. We might make an arbitrary choice, say C. No English garment, for instance, is worn both in bed and in the street except in emergencies and certainly no garment is supplied by English hotels to their guests. They are ilnguistic phonic substance in which vocal activity is manifested, and the situation or situation substance to which this activity is related.

Language, Translation and the Telematic City. But cases of ambiguity can arise, an example is Time flies. Only 3, the free translation, is interchangeable with the SL text in situations.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation, J. C. Catford by Arianne Des Rochers on Prezi

This is virtually untranslatable into English because a comparable shared ex- ponence does not occur — Lower may occur as a place-name element, but it is not normally used by itself as an abbreviation. Where have you come from?


The total range of situational features relatable to the contextual meaning of democracy includes features which j.c.catfodr present in some national and political situations but absent from others — j.c.catflrd co- text generally guides the reader to selection of the appropriate situational features in any particular case. Abercrombie — the first being a traditional term, the second used by Joshua Steele in Prosodia Rationales The present volume is not primarily concerned with any of these special problems, but rather with the analysis of what translation is.

Trivia About A Linguistic Theo Amna rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Here again, however, translation equivalence must be set up between thdory varieties as such, and the specific markers may be very different in the SL and TL texts.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation (Language & Language Learning)

In this particular example from Teory there is, as Weightman points out, some degree of untranslatability. This casts doubt on the advisability of setting up any formal correspondence between the particular terms of the English and French article- systems.

By a shift of level we mean that a SL item at one linguistic level has a TL translation equivalent at a different level. Anthropological Approaches to the Philosophy of Translation.

Every normal adult plays a series of different social roles — one man, for example, may function at different times as head of a family, motorist, cricketer, member of a religious group, professor of biochemistry and so on, and within his idiolect he has varieties shared by other persons and other idiolects appropriate to these roles.

The sentence is a unit of higher rank than the clause. In Russian, the contextually marked term in the system j.c.cxtford the perfective ; this explicitly refers to the uniqueness or completion of the event. There are certainly overlaps in collocational range— thus we may have a whole roast sheep and we might have fat sheep as well as mutton fat, but on the whole they have different collocational ranges, and this establishes the fact that they belong to different lexical sets and are different lexical items.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation

Clearly, then, any theory of translation must draw upon a theory of language — a general linguistic theory. History of Western Philosophy. The distinction between transliteration and transcription is important, and often misunderstood. The imperfective is unmarked — in other words it is relatively neutral in these respects the event may or may not actually be unique or completed, etc.


In total translation, SL and TL texts or items are translation equivalents when they are interchangeable in a given situation.

Similarly, e’tats de longue may be arbitrarily marked off along the time-dimension very broadly, as Old English, Middle English, Modern English, etc. Foundations of Language 4 4: In this case it is not polysemy, but rather what might be called oligosemy which is the cause. Secondly a single unit of SL may have to be redistributed into two TL units. For total translation it is situation-substance: The first clause consists of three groups, the second of four groups. It is useful to say in such cases that the TL equivalent is nil, reserving the term zero for use, if at all, when zero is a term operating in a TL system.

Nothing, or almost nothing. We can state this textual equivalence as: Aleksandra Kaczmarska rated it really liked it May 18, It is a way, perhaps the most important way, in which human beings interact in social situations. Lynn June rated it really liked it Rheory 23, We j.c.catfprd give only two further illustrations at this point.

This is impossible in French, where the translation equivalent must be either banque or rive and not both at once; and other untranslatable ambiguities are equally obvious in this text. The related situational features may themselves be perfectly commonplace in both the SL and TL cultures.