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Professor of International Relations. Present Situation, Problems and Solutions Istanbul: The Public Procurement Agency’s 12 month report ofaccessed April 26,http: The Military Criminal Law punishes all forms of bribery but there does not appear to be a specific policy in place to address bribery for preferred postings. However, the legislative changes lacked key mechanisms of transparency, making it impossible for the Court of Accounts to question expenditures or their underpinning policies.

Ministry of Defence’ Department of Inspection: Investigation is limited to broad categories of expenditure; military programs and projects are not investigated. Caymaz et al, Defence Acquisition Transformation: Does the government have a well-scrutinised process for arms export decisions that aligns sxyl international protocols, particularly the Arms Trade Treaty ATT?

The Ministry of Defence annually announces the permitted export material and technology according to Law no. However, it did not specify policy or implementation plans regarding the defence and security sector.

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This has also included verbal attacks by senior politicians, as well as harassment and death threats against journalists on social media. There have been cases of the involvement of organised criminal activity in the armed forces and of activities with alleged ties to the defence staff. SIPRI,http: Parliamentary Scrutiny and Oversight The Turkish Grand National Assembly has limited to no formal powers to oversee the defence sector and spending.

Thustaking the new laws into account,in Strategic Planning Special Provincial Adminstration what liabilities and functions of Special Provincial Administrations in the new law numbered are displayed detailly in table I. Is the defence budget transparent, showing key items of expenditure? There is no evidence of an actively implemented anti-corruption policy for the defence sector.


As mentioned in the comments for the previous questions, insiders often say the public cases constitute only a fraction of real cases. SSDF’s income and expenditures can be monitored as bulk sums from its activity reports.

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As can be seen in detail below,with law numbered important duties are rendered to Special Provincial Administrations. Accessed 11th of Asylhttp: Is the legislature or the appropriate legislative committee or members of the legislature given full information kznun the budget year on the spending of all secret items relating to national security and military intelligence? The involvement of civil society in the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan, for example has been limited and ad hoc.

For example since Turkey has only one credible aerospace company TAI it is out of the question that it must compete with local or foreign rivals for aerospace programmes it typically automatically wins without competition. The fund by its founding Law No.

On the other hand, according to the Gallup Survey ofa sharp fall has occurred among the urban population concerning their general confidence in the military, losing its position as the most trusted institution in Turkey.

The composition of the National Defence Commission is based on the 501 strength of parties.

Alternatively they may be part of the budget of the Defence Industry Support Fund SSDFwhose procurement projects under the SSM are officially to be subject to audit by the Court of Accounts sincebut do not appear to have been submitted to parliament in the past few years.

Website of the Turkish Armed Forces, accessed April 19,www. The accuracy and availability of the Court of Accounts reports has further deteriorated in the last years. While the precedence for the involvement of civil society organisations CSO exists for anti-corruption discourse in general, it does not, however, for the issue of defence and security. Auditing of the intelligence services remains an internal one, with no effective external auditing.

There is no comprehensive legislation; rather ad hoc provisions in law. The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries SSM is responsible for large defence procurement programmes and decides on the ideal modality of the procurement in every individual case. If so, how transparent are details of the operations and finances of such businesses?

Full text of “Billboard”

There is rivalry mostly for subcontracts and imported systems. However, the information provided does not disclose detailed information. Questions by MPs for ministers are most common and these are reportedly usually not tabled or are ignored.


With regard to external auditing, the Court of Accounts officially audits defence expenditure on behalf of the Grand National Assembly. Does the government follow up on offset contract performance and perform audits to check performance and integrity? Furthermore, the parliament merely ratifies arms procurement and has no oversight over the process of planning. The Law on the Protection of Eyewitnesses does provide for some protection for eyewitnesses to crimes, but this is restricted to extreme circumstances.

Even general government anti-corruption initiatives hence greatly lack civil society monitoring and involvement. No information is available on guidelines and staff training on addressing corruption risks in contracting during deployment or peacekeeping missions.

Nonetheless, their prevalence especially when discussing issues of defence should be a source of concern. Nonetheless, the government, beyond condemning the leak, remained very restrained and did not engaged in a debate on the issue.

Audit reports of the Department of Inspection are classified and are not disclosed even to the Court of Accounts. Exemptions for the defence and security sector are not subject to the same competitive bidding requirements and are regulated by by-laws that, wayl also subject to corruption clauses, are not well scrutinised, as was confirmed by interviewee 3.

5081 the armed forces have military doctrine addressing corruption as a strategic issue on operations? They cannot be main contractors, 5108, or subsidiaries. There is no evidence that offset contracts are subject to competition regulations.

Inspection of spending and assets of defence institutions had been exempt from auditing by the Court of Accounts until the implementation of a new law of accounts in October 16,p.

However,afterwards big part of this duty was transfered to centeral administration. On the website of SSM the strategy of the working methods in the years of set an emphasis on the training ssyl employees of the SSM to face the challenges and to work more effectively in defence procurement.

As Interviewee 3 stated: